Intellivation President Mike Simmons presents A Method for Scaling Dynamic Deposition Rates Between Planar to Rotary Magnetrons, and Study of Heat Load Incident Upon Substrate for Each at the 2017 AIMCAL R2R Conference in Tampa, Florida.  The presentation abstract is:

Roll to roll manufacturing of many products utilize planar magnetron sputtering, rotary magnetron sputtering, or a combination thereof. In many cases the films deposited by these methods are applied to thermally sensitive substrates or other thermally sensitive coatings or devices that have been previously applied to those substrates, and oftentimes the motivation is to maximize the rate of deposition while avoiding thermal damage. This paper presents a method to scale target power density between planar and rotary magnetron sputter cathodes in a manner that is predictive of dynamic deposition rates, and presents case study data. The heat load incident upon the substrate is also measured for each technique and is compared, and the relationship between the target power density and the substrate heat load is shown. While the data presented is for a specific hardware set, the characterization methods are applicable to any equipment set and some scalable generalities are shown.