the intellivation approach


About our designs

1141SystemWe don’t go about roll to roll web coating equipment design the same way everyone else does.  We started with a blank slate and thought outside the box to create several innovative designs that do the job better than the ones of old.


We prioritize productivity, configurability, ease of maintenance, and efficient use of facilities.  This is reflected by our R2R series pilot vacuum roll to roll coating machines, which feature an innovative, industry-leading design.  The ability for end-users to reconfigure these machines for changing process needs over time, or to equip them with the latest advances in technology, is unmatched.


Our customers also tell us the cost of ownership of our roll to roll coating equipment beats that of our competitors. We think this is a result of thoughtful design and analysis of each subsystem in the machine.


AnalysisOur engineering team leverages Solidworks 3D modeling, mechanical analysis, and thermal analysis software to bring our designs to life.  We have a licensed professional engineer on staff, a rarity among vacuum coating equipment manufacturers.




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