turnkey vacuum coating systems

Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Coating Systems

We are experts in R2R deposition systems including the full range of high-temperature or chilled drum web vacuum deposition systems. Our substrate experience includes polymers, metals, and even textiles. Cantilevered chamber mounted, bulkhead mounted or fixed position rollers – Intellivation can provide the optimum system design for your application. We can help select and integrate the features that best suit your process including substrate cleaning & pretreatment, active web alignment, in-situ monitoring and conductance isolated process zones. Sputtering is our specialty, including multiple isolated reactive sputter deposition zones in a single web coating tool.

  • Tension Control (dancer or load cell feedback)
  • Custom Chill Roller Design
  • Substrate Cleaning Rollers
  • Mask and Interleave Integration
  • Active Web Alignment
  • Safety Chuck or Core Chuck Mounting
  • In-situ Web Marking System
  • Web Path Optimization (front side contact, flex radius, free spans, etc.)

Inline Vacuum Coating Systems

The team at Intellivation designs, installs and supports a variety of inline vacuum deposition production systems. From solar to architectural glass, production or R&D / pilot, we can provide uniquely advanced, custom solutions. Common features for our inline vacuum coating systems include:

  • Fully Automated Production
  • External Material Handling
  • Customizable Substrate Carrier Systems
  • Conveyor Systems w/Gap Reduction
Inline System

Common features for both system types include:

  • Radiant Substrate Heating Systems
  • Process Recipe Control
  • Deposition Sources (Sputter Magnetron, Evaporation, PECVD, Ion-assisted, etc.)
  • Various Deposition Power Types (DC, Mid-frequency AC, RF, HiPIMS, etc.)
  • Multi-axis Servo Motion Control
  • Ion Pretreatment
  • Plasma Treatment
  • Reactive Gas Control & Process Isolation
  • Gas, Water & Power Distribution
  • Turbo, Diffusion or Cryo Pumping
  • Meissner Coil Water Pumping up to 200,000 liter/s


R&D System

Research Scale Systems

Looking to develop a new process or just need a more flexible vacuum deposition system to test process improvements offline?

We design nimble research scale systems that mimic the best attributes of their big brothers while providing better flexibility and lower costs for development. Enjoy the same quality and controls automation of full production systems and the industrial consistency needed for process development while supporting a smaller machine envelope.

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