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turnkey vacuum coating systems

We are experts in R2R including the full range of high-temperature or chilled drum web vacuum deposition systems. The team at Intellivation also designs, installs and supports a variety of inline vacuum deposition production systems.

Looking to develop a new process or just need a more flexible system to test process improvements offline? We design nimble research scale systems that mimic the best attributes of their big brothers while providing better flexibility and lower costs for development.

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custom solutions produced for you

The engineering team at Intellivation utilizes over two decades of turnkey vacuum coating system experience to create designs that are both robust and economical to manufacture.

We understand one of the keys to a sustainable and profitable business is developing products that meet your needs and are manufactured in a cost-effective manner.

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Whether you simply need a little help to point you in the right direction or you have a full project ready for us to tackle, we’re happy to help.  Give us a call or send us a message today.


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